Acrylic aquariums:

We can proudly offer custom built acrylic aquariums:

All our aquariums are custom made to the wishes and demands of our customers.


Benefits of acrylic aquariums:

- Very clear with little to no distortion

- Seemless design, clear view even thorugh the corners

- 25 times stronger than glass

- Shatterproof

- No distortion in through curved windows

- Nearly all shapes and sizes possible

- Up to 10 times lighter than a glass aquarium of the same size

- Easily customisable, for examples bottom drains etc.

Disadvantages of acrylic aquariums:

- Less scratch resistant but easier to repair and polish over time

- Need a matching stand that supports the whole bottom or a substantially thicker bottom pane

- May get cloudy after some year of exposure to UV-light

Taking these benefits and disadvantages into account we can say the following: 

Acrylic tanks are real eye catchers because of the clarity of the material and possible shaping,

it seems like you are looking at a colum of water without anything holding it. 

You can see through the corners without looking at glued edges.

But these aquariums take special care and are less suited for the starting aquarist.